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grace snyder



"I think I'm quite ready for another adventure."

- Bilbo Baggins

And let's make that adventure a good one.


I'm married and live in an adorable house with too many house plants and some wonderful pets. My hair might be a different color than the last time you saw me, or I might have another tattoo, but that's how I love it. 

I love working with and meeting new people, and that's one of my favorite parts of this job. I'm also a romantic who's way too sentimental for her own good, so getting to know you and your story makes my heart so freaking happy. I want to capture wonderful memories with you so when you look back at the photos, you can relive those moments every time.

Things I love: 
coffee, late nights, dark colors, fall, Bucky Barnes, books, flowers, Frasier, bad jokes and puns, oversized flannels, old brickwork, living in the country, Halloween, snow, writing letters, the moon, Converse, trees, Narnia, foxes and bats, sunrises, getting-to-know-you questions, mountains, Greek mythology, thunder and rain, going barefoot, musicals, ice cream, playing the piano

Things I don’t quite love:
getting up early, pink, summer, goodbyes, lima beans, poison ivy, chaos, heights, the beach, baseball, small spaces, missing people, country music, glitter, roller coasters, big polka dots


Hey! I'm Grace!

and let's make some magic!

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Still not convinced? Check out what others are saying!

"I would use her again for any special occasion we would need a photographer for and recommend her to anyone we know. Thank you Grace for giving us a wonderful collection of photographs to cherish for the years to come."

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